Flexible Flat Panel Detector

Being one of the top solution providers in the world, we deliver a user-oriented product that equips high-quality image, lightweight, dual battery, and innovative will antenna to enhance work efficiency.



For Digital Radiography

Transfer in a flash

With a specialized antenna design, our product can achieve fast transfer and receive strong signals at any time and anywhere. In the meantime, built-in wireless communication supports IEEE 802.11ac enabling a state-of-the-art transfer speed. Furthermore, we can be very proud to announce that the full image can be received within 2 seconds, achieving one of the fastest in the world.

Smart design for Hot-swap and seizing image in time

Users can freely exchange batteries at any time without stopping, shutting down or any power supply connects to the system. Moreover, our product ensures that the last image is kept in the device before shutting down, in case of accidents

Featherweight design
In order to enhance mobility, the whole device weighs only 2.5kg (Cs!) / 2.3kg (GOS) including the battery, making it effortless to carry around.

Easy cleaning

The detector is IPX6-rated for water resistance, allowing users to clean it easily.

Self-management and monitoring

Since our detector has built-in sensors including temperature and gravity, which are constantly monitored even during a panel is powered off state to make sure the panel is functioning properly and the user can operate safely.


Remarkable long-lasting feature

With our powerful battery lasting over 8 hours while capturing more than 1000 images at every 30 seconds sequentially without any interruption.

Access point mode

Equipped with an access point function, our product can connect to a computer without an extra wireless configuration setting. It undoubtedly brings a user-friendly interface to improving work efficiency.





Dimension (ISO 4090)                                           383 x 460 x 15 mm
Sensor array                                                              a-Si photodiode
Scintillator                                              Csl                                                      GOS
Resolution                                                                 2500 x 3052
Pixel size                                                                    140 um
Grayscale                                                                   16 bit
Wifi                                                                             802.11ac / 2 antennas / 2s scan to display / AP mode
Drop height                                                               70 cm
Housing material                                                     Mg-Al alloy
Weight (battery included)                   2.5 kg                                                 2.3 kg
Waterproof                                                                IPX6
Durability (Face load / Point load)                      300/ 120kg
Battery autonomy                                                  ”8 hours
Trigger mode                                                            AED mode
Log file                                                                       Log file, sensor data, and other calibration data are available
Accessories                                                                Battery / Magnetic connector cable with ethernet and power
Operation temperature / Humidity                     10 – 35 °C / 15 – 80 %

”In SYNC mode, the user can capture more than 1000 images every 30 seconds and lasting over 8 hours.
”The specifications described above are based on a full battery charge and may vary depending on system configuration and environment.