Compact design delivers positioning versatility in a footprint ideal for Private Practice, Outpatient Facilities, and Orthopedic office locations.



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Typical Dimensions:

Key Specifications:

Maximum elevating weight capacity                                         770lbs (350kg)
Table elevation range                                                               22.5″ – 36″
Longitudinal floating movement range                                      44″
Vertical tube travel                                                                   12.5″ – 75″
Preprogrammed membrane console                                          > 768 APR Techniques


AEC (Automatic Exposure Control)
Grids (all common sizes)
CMP200 generator 40, 50, 65, 80 kW options, 125 – 150 kVp, programmable APR

Blade view wireless DR
Single Screen interface (one user interface used for generator and image processing control)
Body Part APR and Automatic Collimation

Dose Area Product meter

Advanced Design
Save space and installation costs with the CombiMax X-ray imaging solution. Providing our unique leading-edge rail tube stand combined with our high capacity elevating float top table into one footprint delivers imaging ver-

Our systems offer reduced build-out costs for installation spaces. We offer one of the highest ranges of vertical travel and a compact design that allows for specialty views to be obtained in even the tightest spaces. A rotating tube arm accommodates lateral projections that are easily acquired.

Powerful imaging platform delivers savings and performance
DR Ready

Legendary Performance 

Easy to use fingertip controls with large LCD
Excellent Fluid Motion Easy Positioning

Elevating Table
Robust 770lb capacity
Rotating Cassette Tray

Leading Edge Rail
Compact Install
Universal Fit

Our systems are easy to operate and include full exam protocol programming. This one-touch technique selection allows technologists to focus on patient care.
Our high reliability comes from our dedication to quality. This system can be counted on to perform year after year helping you focus on your mission of care. Advanced design features such as our leading-edge rail allow the CombiMax solutions to fit into almost all room designs.

Our systems are easy to install and maintain. Our high reliability means that this system can be counted on to perform year after year
CombiMax systems can be configured for digital or traditional imaging needs. Combine this system with our vertical wall stand and our Bladeview Wireless DR device for expanded imaging capabilities.
The generator offers 40kw, 50kW, 65kw, and 80kW options.

Easy to Use
Quick and Efficient Operation
Compact Install